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History of House of Prayer Ephesus now known as CCR Brisbane Centre

It was a dream of Mary Jones of Bardon to have a C.C.R. center in Brisbane. It was known that the Holy Spirit Sisters at Carseldine would have an old convent coming vacant. It was called Damascus House and was being operated for recovering alcoholics

Mary approached the Holy Spirit Sisters regarding this and was informed that it would be available.

Mary approached Prayer Group Fellowship (as CCR Brisbane was then called) to ask if we could join Bardon to rent this old convent. Consequently, we joined with Bardon in this project. The Religious Renewal was also asked to join and they agreed but they were not committed to any monetary contribution.

At a later stage, the Sisters said that we would have to find another place as they wanted to use the old convent for their own purposes. We had great difficulty getting another site, and eventually Northgate Convent School was closing, so we approached Fr. Spence to rent it to us.

The arrangement financially was for Bardon to continue to share with Joshua in the running expenses.

Up till July 2005, Ephesus House was run by the House of Prayer Ephesus Management Committee. But since July 2005, this Management Committee was amalgamated into the Joshua Prayer Groups and Ministries Service Committee which is effectively responsible for the operations of Ephesus House.

As from January 2009, CCR Brisbane Centre is solely the responsibility of CCR Brisbane which relies on the donations of its affiliated members as well as donations from the use of the Centre for its financial upkeep.

How was House of Prayer Ephesus Named?

It was Fr. Vince Hobbs‘ idea – his thinking being that – as the old convent at Carseldine had previously been called Damascus House, and St. Paul went to Ephesus after Damascus, it would be appropriate to follow Damascus House with Ephesus House. Also, he said House Of Prayer Ephesus signifying HOPE which gelled with his thoughts and prayers for the future of the House and those who would receive ministry there.

It was our dream to have a center in Brisbane which would comprise an office, a meeting room, a large gathering room for speakers, a place for ministry, a chapel, and a library and resource room. The old Ephesus House at Carseldine fulfilled all those requirements. Our present CCR BRisbane Centre (previously known as Ephesus House) at Northgate also meets all of those requirements.


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